What Is Bespoke?

Bespoke refers to something that has been designed and produced not for a specific market, but rather, with a particular client in mind–you. Your vision of the piece will guide its purpose, shape, size, the materials and appearance, even its feel. Partnered with my artistic skill and craftsmanship, your idea will take shape and become something that is distinctly original and unique.

Attention to subtle details, time-tested assembly techniques, and a working knowledge of how materials interact with their environment all add up to a finished piece that feels and performs like no other. The end result is a true one-of-a-kind that was made for a real person by a real person. There is no comparison between this and furniture off the shelf.

When we meet, I will ask you questions about what you’d like to have specially made: What is its primary purpose? What types of wood or other materials do you prefer? Is it a gift? Who will be using it? Are you looking for curvy or straight lines. Maybe a combination of both? What is your budget?

Redwine Bespoke Furniture excels in listening to your ideas. Together, we will expand and clarify them into beautiful, functional pieces of art that you get to enjoy each and every day. For more about this, read Jackie Pederson’s story about her search for the “Wish Table”.